September 2012

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'Pathways to Metropolis' conference – immigration issues and futures

Topical immigration subjects will be the focus of this year's 'Pathways to Metropolis in the 21st Century: Immigration Issues and Futures' conference being held in Auckland from 24 to 26 October.

The conference will explore a range of issues:

Language Line adds Indonesian

Indonesian people who speak little or no English can now get a helping hand from the telephone interpreting service, Language Line. Check out more information at

More than 80 government agencies use Language Line, run by the Office of Ethnic Affairs, which encourages equal access to government services for all.

The decision to add Indonesian to Language Line follows a steady increase of requests for this language and reflects the growing bonds between New Zealand and Indonesia.


Building business networks in Australia

Presenter, Anukool Sathu, an Intercultural Advisor at the Office of Ethnic Affairs

The Office of Ethnic Affairs' project to help ethnic small and medium sized enterprises has been showcased at an international conference in Australia.

Intercultural Advisor, Anukool Sathu, delivered the presentation at the Economic Development Conference held in Cairns on 18 September at a session highlighting the strategies that can be implemented to maximise the economic contribution of migrants in countries like New Zealand and Australia.

Ethnic Leaders Forum

The Ethnic Leaders Forum in Christchurch takes place once every three months.

The day-long forums are focussed on leadership development, civic participation and collaboration across ethnic communities.

It is open to ethnic leaders - but new participants interested in attending should enquire as places are limited to 45. 

Please contact:
Deborah Lam
Senior Ethnic Affairs Advisor
Telephone:03 339 5459



The Office of Ethnic Communities runs workshops throughout the year. Please refer to the lefthand side menu for specific events.

people attending a workshop

Ethnic diversity in the workplace

An ethnically diverse workplace can bring many advantages and has been shown to benefit companies financially. The advantages include:

  • enabling better connections to an increasingly diverse customer base
  • promoting broader perspectives, greater innovation and effective problem solving
  • providing a competitive edge in the global economy by utilising overseas contacts for trade and investment
  • ensuring the widest pool of candidates is considered when recruiting.

How Language Line works - Tongan

Logo of Language Line telephone interpreting serviceLanguage Line - sēvesi fakatonulea ‘i he telefoni´

‘Oku ngāue atu ‘a e Laine Fakatonulea´ (Language Line) mei he ‘aho: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm

Ki ha lisi ‘o e Ngaahi Potungāue ‘oku kau mai´

Ki ha lisi ‘o e ngaahi Lea´

How Language Line works - Spanish

Logo of Language Line telephone interpreting serviceLanguage Line - Servicio telefónico de intérpretes

El servicio Línea Lingüística “Language Line” está disponible de: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-2pm

Para obtener un listado de Agencias Participantes

Para obtener un listado de Idiomas

How Language Line works - Samoan

Logo of Language Line telephone interpreting serviceLanguage Line - telefoni mo ‘au‘aunaga fa‘aliliu ‘upu

‘Olo‘o avanoa Laina mo Gagana mai i le: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm

Mo se lisi o Fa‘alāpotopotoga ‘Auai

Mo se lisi o Gagana

Ina ia maua se fa‘aliliu‘upu, asiasi pe telefoni i se fa‘alāpotopotoga ‘auai