January 2013

Latest update from the Office of Ethnic Affairs, January 2013

Director, Mervin Singham, asks whether the rape of an Indian woman raises wider questions

Wider questions raised by the rape of an Indian woman

What does the rape and murder of a young Indian woman in Delhi say about the perceptions and attitudes society has about women? 

The Office of Ethnic Affairs' Director, Mervin Singham invites us to explore our own values and response to these attitudes.

“Korean Wave” motivates Kiwis to learn Korean


Psy’s mega-hit Gangnam Style has brought about a “Korean wave,” a term coined by a journalist to refer to the recent increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture.

As the song gained global popularity, an increasing number of people with no knowledge of the Korean language started singing along to “Oppan Gangnam Style” which translates roughly to “Big Brother in Gangnam Style”.

The rights and obligations of employers and employees

New to working in New Zealand?

Did you know that all workers have the same employment rights in New Zealand, no matter what their visa status? Employers have an obligation to ensure all their employees are receiving their minimum employment rights. Don’t get taken advantage of, know your rights.

Sport - get involved!

Sport - get involved!
Sport is not just a way to get fit, but also an important way of life in New Zealand. Meet new people, share experiences and make connections.
How to get involved in sport

Team sport! Considering it for yourself or your children?

At every level of life, whether it is international competition or your local soccer club, sport is a great way to build relationships with people from all walks of life.

Sport is not just a way to get fit, but also an important way of life in New Zealand... From the 1905 All Black’s rugby tour of England and Wales to the New Zealand Olympic Rowing Team’s gold medal run of 2012, sport plays a major part in our everyday lives.

Young Aucklander motivated by London youth conference

Delegates at the Global Youth Summit in London

Inspiring and energised people, incredible conversations and benefits for years to come. Those are the lasting impressions for young Aucklander Ajay Ravindran who represented New Zealand in London at the Global Youth Summit in London in December 2012.

His selection followed his work with young people with the P3 Foundation. The Foundation’s name stands for Peace, Prosperity and Progress. It’s a local youth-for-youth, non-profit organisation that is run by a team of  volunteers from across New Zealand.

Starting the Constitutional question

All New Zealanders are invited to share their aspirations for this country and what matters to them most about how Aotearoa New Zealand is run in the future.

The Constitutional Advisory Panel will actively seek a broad range of views on New Zealand’s constitution in the first half of 2013. Panel co-chair Sir Tipene O’Regan says: “The review is a chance for us to think about this country’s future. What kind of place do we want our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in?”

A once in a lifetime opportunity!

A once in a lifetime opportunity!
Young Leaders taking part in the Office of Ethnic Affairs Young Leaders programme have had the chance to meet and talk with the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague.
Find out what the young leaders gave Mr Hague

Solidarity protest against rape highlights family violence

Protestors with black scarves over their mouths as they take part in the silent protest

Several hundred protesters gathered in Auckland and Wellington on Saturday 19 January in solidarity with demonstrations across India against the continued perpetration of rape.  Demonstrations have been held worldwide following the recent death of a young Indian woman who was brutally raped in New Delhi.

Aashirwad - better care for the elderly

Acting Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Berlinda Chin (left) joins others at the opening of the new wing.

A new wing that caters for the special needs of the elderly in the South Asian community in Auckland has been launched at the David Lange Care Home in Mangere East. The new wing, opened on 10 January 2013, is named "Aashirwad" which means Blessings.

The move follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Bupa Care Services and the Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust to deliver culturally appropriate care for South Asian community elders in November  2012.