December 2016

Ranjna Patel Receives the Prestigious Deloitte Visionary Award

Image of Ranjna Patel

The Office of Ethnic Communities is very proud to see Ranjna Patel – a well-known business entrepreneur and a community worker receiving the Deloitte Top 200 Visionary Leader award for 2016. Congratulations!

Christmas Delights in the Waimakariri

Image for Waimakariri

The Office of Ethnic Communities was pleased to attend the Waimakariri District Council community team end of year function at the district council office in Rangiora on 8 December. Denise Wiggins (Community Development facilitator) and the community team have been very active in generating links with agencies in Christchurch around the needs of newcomers and ethnic communities in the area.

The “World in Whangarei” Local Migrant Settlement Network Meeting

Image of Mariella Trynes, Relationship Manager, Settlement Unit, Immigration NZ and Darryl Jones, Economist  - Northland Council

On 17 November 2016 the first Whangarei Migrant Local Settlement Network Meeting was held by the Whangarei Settlement Steering Group. The purpose of this network meeting is to proactively share skills, resources, information, ideas and experiences in a collaborative and supportive manner to respond to settlement needs within Northland/Whangarei area for newcomers and their families, local service providers and local employers. This network meeting plans to come together twice a year to create opportunities for cross-agency collaboration to provide better public services, in particular for new migrants to the region.

Radio In: Christchurch Community radio calls for collaboration on disaster preparedness

Image for PlainsFM

PLAINS FM Christchurch calls for those who wish to participate in developing its new disaster operating plan to get in touch. Disasters can happen anytime/anywhere and as PLAINS FM station manager Niki Reece knows only too well from past experience it is important to regularly upgrade communication strategies and create clear pathways to reliable information. Get in touch with Nicki if you want to be part of this initiative which will kick off in the New Year.

The Micies Award of the Access Community Radio

Image of Performers at the Micies Awards

On 6 December, the Micies Award was hosted by the Access Community Radio in Auckland. This is a gathering for members and broadcasters with the annual Planet broadcasting awards for their contributions in producing and hosting their community programmes. This annual award has been hosted alternatively by different ethnic groups. This year the Romanian community provided their traditional food and folk dancing performance.

General Manager's Update

General Manager's Update
Well I must say it feels like ground has shifted significantly since my last update in October! The ground has shifted literally in Kaikoura, and it continues to move along the many fractured fault lines which run through our country.
Image of Maarten Quivooy
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Contributions from Diversity

Contributions from Diversity
The growth of diversity in New Zealand is a fairly obvious phenomenon of the last few decades. New Zealand has more ethnicities than the world has countries.
Image of Matesha Ababa
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Younger generation flag for diversity as community board members

Image of Catherine Chu and Linda Chen either side of Candy Wu Zhang from the Office of Ethnic Communities

Two Korean young women were successfully elected to community boards from Christchurch local election 2016. Catherine Chu gained 2,074 votes; elected for Riccarton Ward of the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board, as well as her sister Linda Chen received 3,391 votes for Harewood Ward of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board. The siblings were thrilled with the final result and sincerely appreciated the unique experience, the support and encouragement from voters while they actively campaigned for the election by door knocking. “We kind of prepared and expected that we might experience discrimination during the campaign. But people’s passion, attitude and their embrace on diversity really inspired us” said Linda and Catherine.

Assess your readiness for governance roles

Assess your readiness for governance roles
The Office of Ethnic Communities facilitates the appointment of people from ethnic communities to state sector boards and committees.
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Assess your readiness for governance roles

Image for Nominations

The Office of Ethnic Communities facilitates the appointment of people from ethnic communities to state sector boards and committees.

Becoming a board member requires certain level of experience and skills. The Ministry for Women has developed a comprehensive non gender specific tool called My board strengths to help assess your readiness for governance roles.