July 2017

Welcoming Communities

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Welcoming Communities is a two year pilot programme established by Immigration New Zealand in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs, Office of Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission.  The initiative brings together local government and community leadership to make the places we live more welcoming for everyone.

Making Tax Simpler: Tell the Government what you think

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The Government wants to know what you think about plans to simplify income tax for people who earn income only from a salary, wages, interest or dividends.

Give Nothing to Racism

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Give Nothing to Racism is an anti-racism campaign launched by the Human Rights Commission, and led by the Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy. The campaign urges New Zealanders to give nothing to racism and refuse to spread intolerance. Since its release in June 2017, it has been viewed more than 3 million times.

Excellent training opportunity - Wellington

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Does your organisation live hand to mouth?

Are you constantly scrambling from one funding round to the next?

Would you like your organisation to have a reliable income, but are unsure where to start?