• The challenges of social enterprise

    Image of Hands holding hands in a squareIt takes time, skill, and considerable effort to build a profit-generating organisation. The reality is, like traditional businesses, a lot of social enterprises will fail.

  • Social enterprise in New Zealand

    Image of thumbs raised up in the airIn 2012 the Department of Internal Affairs conducted a survey of social enterprises (PDF - 539k). Over 400 organisations responded, providing us with an indicative snap-shot of the sector. (Department of Internal Affairs, Jan 2013)

  • Social enterprise around the world

    AustraliaImage of hands holding the world up

    In 2009, the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (at the Queensland University of Technology) and Social Traders Ltd carried out a research project called Finding Australia’s Social Enterprise Sector (FASES). The project included a survey of 365 social enterprises.

  • Speak Up, Seek Help, Safe Home

    The Speak Up, Seek Help, Safe Home family violence guide

    This guide, Speak Up, Seek Help, Safe Home, is to help women from different cultures and their families live without violence at home

    Speak Up, Seek Help, Safe Home leaflet (PDF 320 KB)

    Advice and help in other languages

    Services that provide advice and support are there to help everyone – women, men and children – no matter what their language or culture.

  • Useful resources



    Survey of social enterprise in New Zealand

    In 2012, the Department of Internal Affairs surveyed a range of organisations and individuals working in social enterprise in New Zealand.  The purpose of the survey was to get a clearer sense of the

    Family violence - advice and help in other languages

    Speak Up, Seek Help, Safe Home - a guide about family violence in 8 languages.

  • Cited resources


    Bloom, P (2009) “Overcoming Consumption Constraints Through Social Entrepreneurship,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 28 (Spring), 128–34.

  • The Chinese New Settlers Services Trust

    Chinese New Settlers Service Trust (CNSST) was founded in 1998 in an Auckland garage by a group of recent migrants. CNSST is registered as a charitable trust that aims to help Asian migrants settle successfully in New Zealand. CNSST currently has branches in Auckland and Wellington.

  • The Paladin Project and the InsideOut Project

    The Paladin Project logo

    The Paladin Project Charitable Trust was established in 2011. The Trust uses a mixture of grants and charitable donations to provide workplace training to people with learning disabilities. in 2012, the Trust decided on a goal of working toward financial independence and established a social enterprise; the InsideOut Project.

  • Nominations service

    Delegates at the Women in Public Service Project conference in Washington DC

    Do you have strong governace experience and are you interested in helping to make decisions in the public sector?

    The Office of Ethnic Communities keeps a database of New Zealanders from ethnic communities who are suitably qualified to be considered for appointment to a number of government boards, committees and advisory groups, including those of Crown companies.

    The positions represent an excellent opportunity to contribute to the prosperity and strength of New Zealand’s economy and communities.