Language Line

  • Using Language Line

    Photograph of a telephone interpreting session in progressClarity of communication means efficiencies, reduction of risk and more equity.

  • Languages in New Zealand

    People have come from all over the world to make New Zealand their home. As they do so, the range of languages spoken in New Zealand is becoming more diverse.

  • Language Information and Advice

    Information and advice about language.

  • Language Learning

    Language plays a critical role in all our lives; it determines who we interact with and how we are perceived. Learning a language can also help us learn about our heritage or connect with a culture different from our own. It can also bring employment or business opportunities. For most of us, learning a language starts in school.

  • Language Spoken by Birthplace

    Neon letters of the latin alphabet

    At the time of Census 2013, there were 2,980,824 New Zealand-born people living in this country and 1,001,787 people born overseas. Table 1 shows the percentage of these groups by the languages that they are able to speak.

  • Who Speaks What?

    Almost everyone speaks English in New Zealand, particularly those born here. But more people in New Zealand also speak other languages. People born overseas are much more likely to speak an additional language.

  • Languages spoken by region

    Table 1 shows the percentage of the population in each New Zealand region who were able to speak English, Māori and ‘Other’ languages.

  • Top 25 Languages in New Zealand

    Blackboard with alphabet onBelow is a list of the 25 languages with the highest number of speakers at the time of Census 2013.

  • Types of Interpreting

    Consecutive or simultaneous, sign language, through relay - the choice is yours.

  • How do I become a professional interpreter

    There are several institutions in New Zealand that have courses available. Unfortunately these courses are not known widely outside of New Zealand.