• The Reed Pen’s Tale

    Image of Sayed Ali Karam Jawhary and some of his calligraphy

    Sayed Ali Karam Jawhary’s (Ali) an Afghanistan-born calligraphy artist, opened his first New Zealand solo exhibition on Friday 8 December 2017.

    Celebrating Persian calligraphy and the resilience of an artist from a refugee background, the exhibition, titled the Reed Pen’s Tale, was launched at the Depot Artspace in Devonport, Auckland. The exhibition features 12 distinctive Persian calligraphic works.

  • Crossing the Bridge Exhibition

    Image of Sophie-Claire Violette (left) with Candy Wu Zhang from the Office on the right with artwork inbetween

    Anthropologist, Sophie-Claire Violette, a recent migrant to Ashburton from Mauritius says that the aim of the recently opened outdoor exhibition Crossing the Bridge was to explore what it means to be a migrant in rural New Zealand.

    The exhibition features 22 portraits of individuals from different places of origin - each accompanied by a visual diary of their daily lives and personal reflections on identity in their new environment.

  • Summerz End Youth Festival

    Image of the artwork created

    The Summerz End Youth Festival on Saturday 5 April is an alcohol and smoke free festival which will bring together youth from all walks of life to showcase Canterbury talents in dance, drama, music and performing arts. Community and youth groups will also showcase socio-cultural and youth related material. While the target age group is 13-23, there will be lots of activities for the whole family.

  • Confucius Institute to launch art exhibition at EthnicA Christchurch

    Dr Adam Lam - Photograph

    The Confucuis Institute will launch one of its most important exhibitions and research programmes on Harold Wilfred Youren, a peace advocate dedicated to opening dialogue between China and the West in the 1950's. He amassed a significant collection of art works which were gifted to him during his travels and which he used to illustrate his public talks on Chinese art and history. Three examples of his collection will be featured at EthnicA Christchurch.