cultural diversity

  • Leadership and Diversity Thinking

    Photograph of people sitting at a table - "Diversity of thought is seen as an essential tool for innovation."

    Progressing diversity thinking - from Human Resources to Leadership

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs is pleased to be part of a new working group drawing together New Zealand’s corporate leaders. Diverse NZ Inc. is a collaboration of some of this country’s biggest and brightest business minds, and the platform has been formed to galvanise businesses to harness the economic benefit, business gain and GDP uplift that results from diverse leadership and diversity of thought.

  • Making a difference in Wellington

    Image of Becky Chin -  creating a cocktail

    Shilinka Smith, a former policy analyst at the Office of Ethnic Communities has carried her commitment to the principles of inclusion and diversity into her new enterprise as CEO of popular Wellington Restaurant Fusion Virtuoso on Manners Sstreet.

  • Fulbright Forum: embracing & advancing diversity

    Fulbright New Zealand Logo

    The people of New Zealand encompass many ethnicities, cultures, sexualities and religions but is that vast diversity reflected at leadership levels? This Fulbright Forum explores the benefits to New Zealand of genuinely embracing and advancing diversity for all people to feel supported and celebrated in their chosen fields.

  • Awareness and communications training for trainers

    Image of people watching and clapping

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs has delivered its first Intercultural Awareness and Communications Training for Trainers for the year. Ten people gathered in Auckland at the end of February to receive training from Auckland Regional Migrant Services, Customs, Hamilton City Council and Auckland Chamber of Commerce. They are now able to deliver Intercultural Awareness and Communications training to their stakeholders or staff.

  • Why we celebrate cultural events

    With the recent celebration of the Muslim festival of Eid al Fitr, the Office of Ethnic Affairs' Director, Mervin Singham looks at the significance of acknowledging New Zealand's cultural diversity by celebrating important cultural events.