• Interpreters

    Interpreter education, ethics, professional development and access to relevant literature.Photograph depicting an interpreter talking on the phone



  • Ethics explored at interpreter’s seminar

    Participants at the Ethics Professional Development Seminar

    There were lively discussions and sharing of experiences at a professional development gathering in Auckland over the weekend.

  • Code of Ethics for New Zealand Sign Language Users

    Photograh of logo I am Deaf lets talk

    After extensive consultation and development with users, educators and purchasers of interpreting services, there’s a new code of ethics for those working with the Deaf community.

    The Code of Ethics is already in use by Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand (SLIANZ), the professional group for those involved with interpreting New Zealand Sign language which is one of New Zealand’s official languages.

  • Multicultural Marlborough’s interpreting seminar

    Photograph of Diana Clark

    Interpreting can be a lonely profession, so the opportunity to attend a professional development get together was welcome by a number of interpreters from around New Zealand.