• History of Chinese immigration now online

    Image of a Chinese New Zealander (from the online Exhibition)

    The documented history of Chinese immigration to New Zealand from the 1880s, including their requirement to pay a poll tax, has been put together by a team from Archives New Zealand with the assistance of the Office of Ethnic Affairs. An inventory of records of Chinese immigrants held by Archives New Zealand is now available in the Australian e-journal Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies (volume 6).

  • Confucius Institute to launch art exhibition at EthnicA Christchurch

    Dr Adam Lam - Photograph

    The Confucuis Institute will launch one of its most important exhibitions and research programmes on Harold Wilfred Youren, a peace advocate dedicated to opening dialogue between China and the West in the 1950's. He amassed a significant collection of art works which were gifted to him during his travels and which he used to illustrate his public talks on Chinese art and history. Three examples of his collection will be featured at EthnicA Christchurch.