heritage language

  • Language Guidelines

    The Heritage and Community Language Celebration Guidelines (the guidelines) are a resource the Office of Ethnic Communities developed to support communities to celebrate and maintain their heritage languages.  The guidelines use plain language and give practical advice through the process of organising a language celebration.

  • Language Celebration Guidelines - Foreword

    New Zealand is home to more than 160 languages, a reflection of our diversity. One of my priorities as Minister for Ethnic Communities is to support different languages, cultures and identities in New Zealand.

  • Where do we start?

    Starting to plan language celebrations is exciting. Remember that the purpose of a language celebration is to publicly recognise your language, culture and community. A useful place to start the process is determining your community’s goals.

  • Director's update September 2015

    From our first words when we are only a few months old to our final goodbyes, words are a powerful connection to those around us. Our language is intrinsically linked to our cultural identity, our customs, beliefs and our heritage.

    New Zealand has three official languages – Māori, English and New Zealand sign language but many more languages are spoken in this country.  According to the latest census, the six most commonly spoken languages are English, te reo Māori, Samoan, Hindi, Northern Chinese and French.