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  • How Language Line works

    Find out how Language Line, the professional telephone interpreting service works for you.

  • Why Use Professional Interpreting?

    Ensure your business is conducted appropriately. Find out about the growth of a global phenomenon, interpreting.

  • Booking an interpreter


    For long appointments or special situations, book a professional telephone interpreter here.

  • Interpreter?

    Language Line

    Do you know someone that needs an interpreter?

    Language Line can provide interpreters over the phone in 44 Languages.

    To get an interpreter, any member of the public can call or visit an organisation that has access to this service, just state the language needed.

    Language Line is available from Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm.

  • Minister's Update - July 2014

    Eid Mubarak – Blessed Eid to you all. It was wonderful to host Parliamentary Eid celebrations last week with the Prime Minister John Key, Members of Parliament and Muslim New Zealanders from across the country. Celebrating events like Eid at Parliament is a great chance to create better understanding and to show national solidarity and cultural appreciation.

  • Use your own language to get help to stop smoking

    Image of broken cigarette on a calendar with quit today

    You can now stop smoking and benefit from immediate health gains even if you don’t speak English.  That’s because Quitline offers practical support and counselling through qualified interpreting in the 44 languages of Language Line. People who choose to stop smoking are helped by Quitline with lozenges, nicotine patches and gum. Quitline say these aids address the chemical part of the addiction but the service also helps with two other facets: the emotional and habitual parts of smoking.

  • A decade of Language Line

    Language Line cards - the past 10 years

    In the past decade a massive 300,000 Language Line interpreting sessions have brought assistance and understanding to those who speak little or no English. There have been substantial increases in languages and agencies, and now there is promise of more change and innovation.

  • How Language Line works - Tongan

    Logo of Language Line telephone interpreting serviceLanguage Line - sēvesi fakatonulea ‘i he telefoni´

    ‘Oku ngāue atu ‘a e Laine Fakatonulea´ (Language Line) mei he ‘aho: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm

    Ki ha lisi ‘o e Ngaahi Potungāue ‘oku kau mai´

    Ki ha lisi ‘o e ngaahi Lea´

  • How Language Line works - Spanish

    Logo of Language Line telephone interpreting serviceLanguage Line - Servicio telefónico de intérpretes

    El servicio Línea Lingüística “Language Line” está disponible de: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-2pm

    Para obtener un listado de Agencias Participantes

    Para obtener un listado de Idiomas

  • How Language Line works - Samoan

    Logo of Language Line telephone interpreting serviceLanguage Line - telefoni mo ‘au‘aunaga fa‘aliliu ‘upu

    ‘Olo‘o avanoa Laina mo Gagana mai i le: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm

    Mo se lisi o Fa‘alāpotopotoga ‘Auai

    Mo se lisi o Gagana

    Ina ia maua se fa‘aliliu‘upu, asiasi pe telefoni i se fa‘alāpotopotoga ‘auai