• Are you ready for governance roles?

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    The Office of Ethnic Communities facilitates the appointment of people from ethnic communities to State sector boards and committees.

  • School trustee elections

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    The Office of Ethnic Communities is working with the New Zealand School Trustees Association and Multicultural New Zealand to support greater ethnic and cultural representation in school trustee elections in May-June this year.

    School trustee elections are one of the most significant democratic processes in New Zealand, involving the election of boards of trustees for almost 2,500 state and state-integrated New Zealand schools, every three years. More than 15,000 people are needed to form boards, and more than 110,000 people have taken on the trusteeship role since 1989.

  • The Akina Foundation is seeking two new Trustees

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    The Ākina Foundation is a charitable organisation that aims to support the development of social enterprise (the use of business activities to support social, cultural or environmental objectives) across New Zealand.