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  • Social enterprise

    What is social enterprise?Image of hands

    A social enterprise is an organisation that uses business activities to support social, cultural or environmental objectives.

    A social enterprise operates like a business, but instead of distributing profits to shareholders or individuals, they are used for a social purpose, to support the organisation’s mission to benefit wider society or specific groups of people.

  • What is social enterprise?

    image of hands with coins in themA social enterprise is an organisation that seeks to tackle social, cultural or environmental challenges.  Like a traditional business, a social enterprise sells goods and services.  However, instead of profits being distributed to shareholders or individuals, they are used to support the organisation’s mission.

  • The Advantages of Social Enterprise

    Image of an Opportunity SignSocial enterprise can provide a range of benefits to organisations looking to address social, cultural or environmental challenges.

  • The challenges of social enterprise

    Image of Hands holding hands in a squareIt takes time, skill, and considerable effort to build a profit-generating organisation. The reality is, like traditional businesses, a lot of social enterprises will fail.

  • Social enterprise in New Zealand

    Image of thumbs raised up in the airIn 2012 the Department of Internal Affairs conducted a survey of social enterprises (PDF - 539k). Over 400 organisations responded, providing us with an indicative snap-shot of the sector. (Department of Internal Affairs, Jan 2013)

  • Social enterprise around the world

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    In 2009, the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (at the Queensland University of Technology) and Social Traders Ltd carried out a research project called Finding Australia’s Social Enterprise Sector (FASES). The project included a survey of 365 social enterprises.