• Suffrage 125 spotlight: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum, a conversation with Naomi Tocher

    Naomi Tocker with Vanessa receiving the Implementation and Practice Award.

    This year we celebrate New Zealand’s 125th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote.

    ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is a Wellington based, non-government organisation, representing communities from former refugee backgrounds. The organisation has many initiatives designed to live out their vision of New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds participating fully in New Zealand life.

  • Women stand proud

    Image of women at the International Women's Day celebration

    Over 200 women signed the Press for Progress letter at the recent International Women’s Day celebration on 8 March 2018, at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall.

  • Suffrage 125

    The Electoral Act 1893 was passed on 19 September 1893, giving all women in New Zealand the right to vote. As a result of this landmark legislation, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections. This year marks the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand.

  • Islamic Women's Council New Zealand - Press Release - 20 November 2016

    Logo for the Islamic Women's Council New Zealand

    The Administration Council of the Islamic Women’s Council would like to respond to the video containing clips of speeches posted online by Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

  • Career lessons from the front line

    from left to right: Sina Wendt-Moore, Jody Jackson-Becerra and Gabriela Ugalde

    The Professionelle’s latest career development event for women, Begin with Success, was held at AUT on 11 April.  Founded in 2007, Professionelle is a well-established organisation that focuses on supporting women in business, offering pragmatic advice and connecting professional women at all stages of their careers.  Supported by AUT Business School this event attracted over 200 women from various business backgrounds, education sectors and leadership development associations.

  • Women in Action

    Image of Berlinda Chin and Triena Ong (Singapore)

    The Business and Professional Women International Asia Pacific Regional Conference (BPW) was held in Auckland on 9 and 10 April.  It was attended by over 200 individuals from international BPW associations, women in business organisations, business owners and managers.  With a key focus on empowering women through business, diversity and cultural equality, the conference aimed to understand the power of women entrepreneurs and business leaders to lead economic growth in the region.

  • Trailblazers going global

    Image From left to right: Vivien Verheijen, Berlinda Chin and Huong Nguyen

    As a government agency, the Office of Ethnic Affairs is committed to promoting the benefits of ethnic diversity in New Zealand and supporting the valuable role that women play in society. Over the past few years we have worked towards building capacity for ethnic women leaders around New Zealand. And we have now published an article on ethnic women entrepreneurs in an international forum – the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

  • Ethnic women find their passion for leadership

    Image of Ethnic women at the leadership training

    Inspiring, encouraging and empowering ethnic women to take up leadership roles is an important path to creating greater diversity amongst decision-makers.

  • Ethnic Women - Leading the Way

    The talent, skills and connections of our ethnically diverse communities make significant contributions to New Zealand’s current and future prosperity. The Office of Ethnic Affairs encourages ethnic women to play more influential roles through participation in civic activities at a local and national level.

  • Take the Leadership Leap

    Berlinda Chin at the forum

    Acting Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs Berlinda Chin was the keynote speaker at the Young Generation Leadership Forum on Saturday 16 November. The annual forum, organised by the Korean Women's International Network, aims to empower young women to take up leadership roles.

    Berlinda spoke about the global leadership milieu in the wake of migrations and how that pans out in the local context. She said that forty-nine percent of all global migrants are women and urged young women to be brave and "take the leadership leap!"