• I need a translator

    To translate is to convey the meanings of written words into another written language.Photograph depicting a working translator

  • Contact Language Line

    Language Line has an enthusiastic team ready to help with questions, resources and training.Language Line logo

  • Ethnicity data

    People from more than 200 different ethnicities live in New Zealand.

    Download this statistical snapshot (pdf) of New Zealand’s diversity.

    Whereabouts do people from ethnic communities live? What languages are spoken? What is the unemployment rate among ethnic communities? What health problems are an issue?

    Find out in our collection of data about ethnic people living in New Zealand.

    While Statistics New Zealand and other agencies collect a vast array of facts and figures, this is the first time that those applicable to ethnic people have been brought together in one place.

  • Nominations Service

    Image of board meeting

    The Government has an expectation that State sector boards are representative of the diversity and demographic make-up of New Zealand, including ethnicity, gender, age and geographic location.

    The Office of Ethnic Communities maintains a database of suitably qualified people from within our mandated ethnic communities, who want to be considered for appointment to State sector boards, committees and advisory groups.

  • Youth Speaking Up for Race Unity

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    New Zealand youth are inspiring action on race relations in New Zealand.

  • More of Us, poems by 46 writers who came to New Zealand as migrants and refugees

    Image of the More of Us publication front cover.

    More of Us, released 21 March 2019, is a compilation of poetry written by 46 former refugees and migrants from 29 countries, all now living in New Zealand.

    The book was published by Landing Press, a small Wellington-based company that aims to publish good poetry for people to enjoy.

    The book release was held at the National Library in Wellington by Michael Wood, Under-Secretary to the Minister for Ethnic Communities.

  • Spotlight on: Shirish Paranjape

    Image of Shirish Paranjape

    We recently spoke with Shirish Paranjape, a leader in the Christchurch community, to find out more about his governance board experience.

    The Office of Ethnic Communities Nominations Service supported Shirish Paranjape’s appointment to the Department of Internal Affairs' Lottery Significant Projects and Community Facilities Committee.

  • Access to services following the Christchurch terror attack – key contacts

    The following organisations can provide you with support.

  • Director's Update - March 2019

    Anita Balakrishnan, Director Office of Ethnic Communities

    As-salamu alaykum

    It’s a phrase I have heard a lot in the past 14 days, as I’ve met so many of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Christchurch. It feels like this experience has been going for longer than two weeks. The depth of the different stages of grief, and the awareness that this poses some hard questions for New Zealand to face, is so much to take in.

  • Interactive superdiversity tool has been developed

    Chart showing ethnicity vs religions

    New interactive, online tool will give government agencies, employers and media an understanding of superdiversity!