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  • EPIC NZ Speaker - Pier Smulders


    Meet our amazing speakers for this year's EPIC NZ Conference being held 30th June 2017. Don't forget to register if you haven't already.

  • EPIC NZ Conference Programme

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    Conference Programme

  • Director's Update - May 2017

    Image of Wen Powles - Director for the Office of Ethnic Communities

    This is my first week at the Department of Internal Affairs and in the role of Director of the Office of Ethnic Communities. I am delighted to join the team, and look forward very much to meeting and learning from all our partners in the ethnic communities sector over the coming months.

  • Minister's Update - May 2017

    I would like to wish Ramadan Mubarak to people in the Muslim community at the beginning of the month of Ramadan.  This is a month of daily fasting.  It is also a time of reflection, focus and practicing goodwill. Iftar meals to break the fast at the end of the day will be shared with friends, family and our wider community.  The month of fasting will also be accompanied by efforts to assist those less well-off and build peace and harmony in our communities.

  • EPIC NZ Conference – Registrations now open

    Image of the EPIC Conference logo 2017

    Registrations are now open for the Ethnic People In Commerce (EPIC) NZ Conference 2017. Spaces are limited to 300 so be in quick. You can find out more about the conference and how to register here

  • Migrant happiness survey

    Image of Migrants to NZ were asked to rank their levels of happiness results.

    A market research company, Cultural Connections, carried out a survey to measure the shift in migrants’ level of happiness. The survey sampled 600 migrants by asking them to respond to "How happy were you when you first arrived in New Zealand?" and "How happy are you now?” on a 10 point scale.

  • Celebrations of cultural diversity in Rotorua

    Image of children and parents at the Multicultural Council/Plunket playdate

    The Rotorua Multicultural Council receives Ethnic Communities Development Funding from the Office of Ethnic Communities. By making use of the contribution of volunteers and through the generosity of those who provide refreshments at low cost and venues for free, small amounts of money can go a long way when organising events to celebrate the cultural diversity of Rotorua.

  • Sharing information to combat global tax evasion

    Image of Inland Revenue Logo

    The Government has signed up to the global automatic exchange of information (AEOI) initiative led by the OECD. We’re one of 100 countries that will automatically share some financial account information about foreign tax residents. All countries will use the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) to identify and report on financial accounts held or controlled by foreign tax residents.

  • In My Own Words: Ahi Karunaharan

    Image of Ahi Karunaharan

    Kia ora! My name is Ahi and I was born in the UK and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I am the child of Sri Lankan migrants and have spent close to fifteen years working as a professional in the arts industry as an actor, writer, director, producer and composer. Like many other sectors, the landscape of New Zealand’s arts and culture industry is rapidly changing but right now we need to step up and start stepping ahead. 

  • Media release: Conference drives growth in New Zealand’s ethnically diverse business community

    Image of attendees at the last EPIC NZ Conference - 2016

    15 May 2017 – The Office of Ethnic Communities is excited to announce this years’ Ethnic People in Commerce (EPIC) NZ conference, to be held in Auckland on 30 June at the Sky City Convention Centre. Diversity is a reality for New Zealand – is your business ready to unlock its benefits?

    EPIC NZ is an annual conference which celebrates the strength of New Zealand's growing and diverse business community, and has previously been attended by more than 300 people each year.