Cathrine Austin

Acting Director, Office of Ethnic Communities

As Acting Director, Office of Ethnic Communities, I already feel at home. The support and dedication of the hard-working team of professionals at the Office has played a big part in this, for which I am very grateful.

For those of you who may be wondering about the skills and experience I bring, I am a member of the Department of Internal Affairs’ Senior Leadership Cohort, and a colleague of the previous Director, Wen Powles. I come from another management role in the Policy, Regulation and Communities Branch of the Department, where I am responsible for branch development, strategy, planning and reporting functions.

While I may only be keeping the seat warm awaiting the interim Director’s arrival in late April, I aim to ensure that all of our stakeholders - including our Minister, the Government agencies we work with, and the spectrum of ethnic communities throughout New Zealand - continue to receive the same high standards of service they have to date.