The 15th Asian Health Forum held in Auckland

Image of participants at the forum

The 15th Asian Health Forum held in Auckland created much health awareness and understanding about the health issues faced by the Asian migrants in New Zealand. Approximately 200 people representing government agencies, Non-Government Organisations, health service providers, as well as community representatives attended the day-long forum which was organised by the Asian Network Incorporated (TANI).

The forum was comprised of presentations, workshops and discussions on strategies around the major health issues experienced by the Asian community in New Zealand. The growing challenges around diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and mental health, were raised as significant concerns for Asian communities and health service providers in New Zealand.

The recommendations coming out of the forum to improve the wellbeing of Asian communities in New Zealand included, more targeted health promotion around preventive behaviours on specific health issues; greater prioritisation of Asian health needs; equity in allocation of funding for population groups; better monitoring of Asian health outcomes; improved cultural competence of health services; greater initiatives to remove social isolation and improved availability of culturally appropriate services for elderly people.

The forum participants also had the opportunity to hear about the funding opportunities that are available from various funding agencies such as Internal Affairs and Foundation North (previously ASB Community Trust) for community initiatives in relation to improving the health and wellbeing of Asian New Zealanders.