Ancient instrument played at festival

Image of Candy Wu Zhang playing the guqin ancient seven-string Chinese instrument.

Candy Wu Zhang played the guqin, an ancient seven-string Chinese instrument, at the Gold Silk International Musical and Cultural Festival 2017. The guqin has a three thousand year history so is often referred to as the “instrument of the ages”. It is noted for its great subtlety of sound and revered for its association with scholars and literati particularly the Chinese philosopher Confucius.

Candy learnt the guqin in China from the age of 12, and received the top award in the National Hangzhou Guqin Competition when she was 20 years old. Her latest performance was dedicated to her tutor Master Xie Daoxiu, one of the most highly regarded masters of the (regional) Lingnan guqin. Master Xie asked Candy to promote the instrument in New Zealand.

Candy has been with the Office of Ethnic Communities in Christchurch for eight years as a Diversity and Engagement Advisor. She is on secondment to Statistics NZ until October 2018.