Building business networks in Australia

Presenter, Anukool Sathu, an Intercultural Advisor at the Office of Ethnic Affairs

The Office of Ethnic Affairs' project to help ethnic small and medium sized enterprises has been showcased at an international conference in Australia.

Intercultural Advisor, Anukool Sathu, delivered the presentation at the Economic Development Conference held in Cairns on 18 September at a session highlighting the strategies that can be implemented to maximise the economic contribution of migrants in countries like New Zealand and Australia.

The audience heard how the Office's ethnic SME project helps build capacity of ethnic entrepreneurs and also provides platforms for effective business networking to take place.

This includes tailored knowledge workshops for ethnic business people, a buisness-orientated conference and the creation of an online business matching database.

More information on these can be found on the website

Anukool says the conference was a great reminder to everyone of how we need to look at the benefits that diversity can bring in the economic sphere.

"Overall I think the work of the Office of Ethnic Affairs in this area is leading the way and we should continue to maximise the benefits of New Zealand's diverse population."