Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust appoints Trustees

Image of the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust

On 15 May 2017, Hon Judith Collins, Minister for Ethnic Communities appointed new trustees for the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust (CPTHT).

The CPTHT was established in 2004 as a gesture of goodwill to the descendants of poll tax payers in recognition of the hardship caused. It is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs and is intended as a gesture of goodwill to poll tax payers, their descendants and future generations.

The Trust aims to promote the preservation of Chinese New Zealand history, in particular, an awareness of the contributions made by the early Chinese settlers.  The Trust also seeks to create understanding in the wider Chinese community and New Zealand society as a whole.

The Trust achieves this by making grants and commissioning works and encourages members of the Chinese poll tax descendant community and members of the wider community to seek funding from the Trust for suitable projects.

There are eight trustees are descended from original poll tax payers. The new Trustees for the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust had their inaugural meeting in May 2017 and Kai-Shek Luey QSM was elected as the Chair. Current members of the Trust are: Paul Chin, Virginia Chong, Mark Ngan Kee, Elisabeth Ngan MNZM, Richard Leung, Kai-Shek Luey, Melissa Wong and Malcolm Wong.

For further information of the funds, please check it out.