EPIC NZ Speaker - Grant Straker

Image of Priti AmbaniGrant Straker
Chief Executive Officer
Straker Group

Grant taught himself to code in the late 1990s and from there has been able to build one of New Zealand’s leading and multi-award winning hi-tech companies. Straker Translations has offices in nine countries and employs more than 100 staff.

As CEO of the Straker Group, Grant drives the direction of the company as it continues to grow. He has had a varied set of experiences in the past 30 years; award-winning entrepreneur, paratrooper, engineer, ironman, volunteer fire fighter, musician and dad!

Another of Grant’s passions centres on raising national standards in computing running educational courses designed to assist the next generation of workers to become more employable, and future-proof New Zealand’s place on the global stages of technology and innovation.

Grant lives on the Hibiscus Coast with his wife and three children.