Ethnic diversity in the workplace

The economic benefits of ethnic diversity are explained in this video by the Office of Ethnic Affairs Director, Mervin Singham. 

Managers and staff often need help in fully realising these advantages and the Office of Ethnic Affairs works to aid workplaces in becoming more responsive to the needs of their diverse workforce, customers and stakeholders.

Working with Ethnic Diversity: Maximising New Zealand's Economic Potential

The Office of Ethnic Affairs has a range of programmes designed to maximise the benefits of ethnic diversity in New Zealand's workplaces and businesses.

Working with Ethnic Diversity provides an overview of these initiatives and features interviews with key stakeholders.

Riding the Wave – managing ethnic diversity in the workplace

Riding the Wave is a manual to provide employers and managers with practical tips and resources to take full advantage of the benefits of an ethnically diverse workplace. 

Read about the “lunch test” in this speech made by the Office of Ethnic Affairs Director, Mervin Singham at the launch of Riding the Wave in Wellington.

Reflections – from our multicultural workplace

Our programmes are aimed at improving the effectiveness of people working in an increasingly diverse environment. Read how they've been implemented by organisations in a range of different sectors. Reflections (Pdf 2.5MB)

A Foot in the Door – opening the door to ethnic diversity

A guide to bias free recruitment to unlock the potential of ethnic diversity in the workplace.

Keeping it Real - video

Many public and private sector organisations are developing ways to attract and retain suitably skilled people from diverse backgrounds.

But research by the Office of Ethnic Affairs confirms that organisations can act, in many cases unknowingly, in a biased fashion when it comes to recruiting ethnic people.

This video shows how the issue of language and accent can influence perceptions.

People from minority ethnic communities have reported difficulties in finding work that is equivalent to their skills and experience.
Video. See what impact this can have.

Video. Some employers also face difficulties in managing a diverse workforce.

The Pak 'n' Save supermarket in Mt Albert has won recognition from the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust for its management of a diverse workforce.

In this video, its General Manager, Brian Carran, talks about his approach to employing staff who are ethnically diverse.