Making Tax Simpler: Tell the Government what you think

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The Government wants to know what you think about plans to simplify income tax for people who earn income only from a salary, wages, interest or dividends.

One proposal is that you would not have to provide information to Inland Revenue at the end of each tax year. Instead, Inland Revenue would use information it gets from your employer or investment provider to automatically work out how much tax you owe, or if you are owed a refund.

Another proposal is that Inland Revenue would better help people use the correct tax code. This would make payments throughout the year more accurate. People then would not have a large tax payment or refund at the end of the year.

Information on the Making Tax Simpler proposals is available in eight languages, as well as English and te reo Māori. You can provide feedback in any of these languages.

If you need support to understand the proposals, you can contact Inland Revenue: 04 890 5033.  If needed, you can also request a Language Line interpreter in one of the 44 languages offered in this service.

Go to, read the proposals and tell Inland Revenue what you think by 28 July 2017.