Meeting the Office of Ethnic Communities Leadership Team

Image of attendees at the Meet and Greet event in Christchurch

Over the past three months, the Office of Ethnic Communities has held a series of 'Meet and Greet' events in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. These events collectively have been attended by approximately 100 stakeholders who represented a cross section of government, non-government organisations, ethnic organisations and private sector partners who are significant in the field of ethnic diversity.

The purpose of this engagement was to introduce the new Office of Ethnic Communities leadership team to stakeholders and to share the strategic direction and operating structure. Director, Wen Powles, had the opportunity to meet many of the key stakeholders who have working relationships with the Office.

The Office of Ethnic Communities leadership team used the platform to share the work of the Office. Tayyaba Khan, Manager Community Engagement, focused on how the team functions, and how they can better connect people to each other, and to government. Diana Solomon, Manager, Policy and Research, discussed the importance of providing advice to the Minister that accurately represents the views of ethnic communities. Finally, Natasha Narayan, Manager Planning, Products and Services, spoke to the various services that the Office of Ethnic Communities provides including the Ethnic Communities Development Fund, the Nominations Service, the online Intercultural Capability Tool, and Language Line.

The Office of Ethnic Communities is now planning to extend these 'Meet and Greets' out to other cities such as Hamilton and Dunedin and looks forward to welcoming those communities to the event in due course.

Image of Wen Powles standing, Diana Solomon, Tayyaba Khan, Natasha Narayan - Left to right)