The Micies Award of the Access Community Radio

Image of Performers at the Micies Awards

On 6 December, the Micies Award was hosted by the Access Community Radio in Auckland. This is a gathering for members and broadcasters with the annual Planet broadcasting awards for their contributions in producing and hosting their community programmes. This annual award has been hosted alternatively by different ethnic groups. This year the Romanian community provided their traditional food and folk dancing performance.

The Office of Ethnic Communities has been a long term supporter of the Access Community Radio Incorporated, which broadcasts as Planet FM, a not-for-profit community based radio station providing the facilities, training and technical support needed for community groups and individuals to make their own radio programmes. Over 35 different languages and relevant programmes have been broadcasted through the Planet FM including Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi, Italian, Khmer, Korean, Romanian and Somali language.

All members voluntarily work on their unique radio programmes to maintain their heritage language and culture, and also connect people in ethnic communities to each other and wider society. Throughout the year the broadcasting communities celebrate cultural events. These are reflected in their programming from the Big Gay Out to Diwali, the Chinese Lantern Festival to Ramadan.