Migrants Wanted To Play for Poneke Football

Photograph of children playing Rugby

Poneke Rugby Club is looking for new migrants to play rugby with them.

Wellington based Poneke was founded in 1883, making it one of the oldest rugby clubs in the world. It has a long tradition of seeking out players from new communities.

Some of their earliest players were Italian migrants, including one of their 16 All Blacks. After the Second World War, they sought out Greek migrants, one of whom became President of the Club.  Club players have included people from China, Japan, India, Iraq, South Africa, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the Pacific.

Rugby with Poneke is a great way for new migrants to meet and make friends with New Zealanders, and understand a key part of New Zealand culture.

If you are interested in playing rugby with Poneke contact the club coaching coordinator Misiluni Moananu on  021 023 23141 or  email ponekerugby@xtra.co.nz

To find out more about the club you can visit their website or check out their facebook page.
Photograph of Children playing Rugby