The must have skill sets for tomorrow's leaders

Image of Berlinda Chin, presenting to the CPIT Students

“Global perspectives and intercultural competency are the ‘must have’ skill sets for tomorrow’s leaders like you”, Berlinda Chin, Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs, told students from the Broadcasting School at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT).

Berlinda presented the 60 media students with data, information and stories about diversity issues. She also asked the students to reflect on themes such as ‘how can we nurture graduates who are able to manage cultural complexity and prepare citizens who are willing to participate on multiple levels in society?’ This led to a discussion with the students on the fast changing pace of business globally, and how as students they should investigate matters of global significance.

Dr Ruth Zanker, lecturer at the CPIT Broadcasting School, expressed her concerns about the minimal cultural diversity currently in the newsrooms of the mainstream media, She said that she hoped in future to see students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds considering journalism as a preferred career.  Dr Zanker also said that she would like a closer connection with the Office of Ethnic Affairs in order to assist media students achieve a better understanding of diversity issues through accessing evidence based information.