New Organisation Paving Way for Women Empowerment

Women engaged in creative discussions at the workshop

A new women entrepreneur centre dedicated to developing ethnic women as successful business leaders is becoming a beacon of hope for many in Auckland.

Founder and chief executive Sangeeta Karmokar, a recipient of the Office of Ethnic Comunities, Ethnic Development Funding scheme, believes there is a huge untapped potential among refugee and migrant women who can develop as successful business leaders.

The Centre provides a platform that helps women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential to develop as business leaders. The Centre has innovative education programmes, events, and workshops to support women entrepreneurs. It also provides mentoring, practical learning, consultancy and opportunities for active research in relevant areas to develop their businesses.

The Centre recently held a series of workshops that inspired 70 women entrepreneurs from various ethnic backgrounds to identify opportunities and develop creative thinking in their business ventures. The workshop participants learnt how to write business proposals; apply digital innovation; develop entrepreneurial strategy as well as exploring ways to prototyping and testing using different tools and techniques. The Centre will run five more workshops by the end of the year.

Dr Sangeeta Karmokar, also a lecturer at Auckland University of Technology believes that while various business accelerator programmes are available from the government and the private sector, women at the grassroots level need proper coaching, mentoring and opportunities for growth in business.

She is aware that despite capabilities and great ideas, many women are generally restricted in their progress due to lack of confidence, inadequate information and support.

‘It is not just about those women who are already on the boards of companies and in leadership roles, but also about women who have shown promise and the willingness to develop as business leaders. Our vision is to build women as entrepreneurial leaders’, Sangeeta says.