New Zealand Chinese and Maori Arts Exhibition

Preformance by Maori Women's Welfare League

In conjunction with the Maori Women's Welfare League and Te Mahurehure Culture Marae Society, the New Zealand Women's Association hosted the New Zealand Chinese and Maori Arts Exhibition on 19 March in Auckland.  The performance began with kapa haka who welcomed a range of different artists and members from local communities, government officials and MPs who joined the opening ceremony. This creative arts exhibition displays artists' imaginations with colours, materials and various styles including paintings, photography and handicrafts products.

The exhibition vividly expresses the unique world view and cultural nuances from both Chinese and Maori women. This also enhances their mutual understanding and respect for each other through their own distinctive art works. The organisers aimed to use arts as a powerful vehicle to connect immigrants with the Maori community to respect our history and simultaneously embrace our diverse culture and heritage beyond ethnic boundaries; this in turn contributes to a growing and vibrant cohesive society in Aotearoa.