Our Vision and Purpose

The Office of Ethnic Communities' Vision - our highest ideal – is that New Zealand is a thriving nation (culturally, economically and socially) comprised of socially cohesive communities where mutual respect and understanding is the norm. This sentiment is captured in our Vision statement:

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Our Vision statement is by definition aspirational. Our Purpose – the outcomes we are working to achieve – must be more tangible than our aspirational vision and provide the frame for our focus areas and work programme.

In line with our population mandate we have a clear focus on ethnic communities and as a public service agency our ultimate interest is the wellbeing of New Zealand as a whole, including our ethnic communities. Our Purpose statement is therefore twofold:

Image of the Purpose statement - Ethnic communities are strong and connected. The Benefits of ethnic diversity for New Zealand are realised. white writing on a blue/green background

The importance of connected communities is paramount. As our nation becomes more diverse, the connections between people at an individual and local level are especially important in maintaining stability, building cohesion and providing a solid platform for a thriving nation. While many people tend towards intra-community engagements, part of our role is to help facilitate connections between and across communities – i.e. inter-community engagements.

Having strong and connected communities is a foundation stone for realising the benefits that can be associated with greater diversity. These include economic benefits (or ‘the diversity dividend’) including greater productivity and innovation – particularly for regions and cities with large immigrant populations. Superdiversity also reflects and contributes to new global connections and market opportunities.

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