Recent Publications: Race in the Workplace

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In February 2017, the independent review report by Baroness McGregor-Smith  on Race in the [British] Workplace was published. The review provides insights into issues faced by British businesses and public sector organisations in developing Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) talent in the workplace. It estimates that the potential benefit to the UK economy from full representation of BME individuals through improved participation and progression is £24bn a year, which is approximately 1.3 percent of their Gross Domestic Product. Interestingly, the review also notes, the 2015 McKinsey study which comments that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

The Ministry of Women has also recently published a report on gender disparities in the workplace which received significant media attention. While many have welcomed efforts to reduce disparities in workplace diversity in New Zealand, there have also been calls for these efforts to extend beyond gender to issues of race and ethnicity.

The Office is currently reviewing the UK report and any findings that New Zealand should consider.

Migrant arrivals into NZ…a new record

Statistics NZ recently announced that migrant arrivals to New Zealand numbered 129,500 in the March 2017 year, a new annual record.  Almost three-quarters of all migrant arrivals in the past five years were citizens from other countries, led by United Kingdom (10 percent), India (10 percent), and China (9 percent). The remaining 26 percent of all migrant arrivals in the last five years were New Zealand citizens.  Just over one in three migrant arrivals in the past 12 months came to New Zealand on a work visa. Visa types contributing most to the migrant arrivals in the March 2017 year were:

  • work visas (43,700 – up 5,100)
  • New Zealand citizens (31,995 – up 1,300)
  • student visas (23,900 – down 3,800)
  • residence visas (16,800 – up 2,000).

Migrant departures were 57,600 in the 12 months to March 2017. This led to a record annual net gain in migration of 71,900, which surpasses the previous annual record net gain of 71,300 migrants in the February 2017 year. Annual net migration has been steadily increasing since 2012. "This was mainly due to the rising number of migrant arrivals to New Zealand," population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said. "Fewer migrant departures also contributed to the increase in net migration."

Permanent and Long term migration - 1979-2017 - Provided by Stats NZ

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