Rescuing the Old Stone House in Canterbury

Image of the Old Stone House in Canterbury

On 7 February 2018 a large group of people witnessed Mayor Liane Dalziel re-open the Old Stone House in Canterbury. The Building is a monument to resilience having survived both fire and earthquakes.

It also represents a key part of Canterbury's history. The Christchurch Suburb of Cashmere, where the building is located, takes its name from the estate of Sir John Cracroft, who, after a career in the East India company, retired to New Zealand and named his farm after Kashmir.The Old Stone house was built to house his Indian and European employees, seventeen of whom came with him originally, with more joining between 1854 and 1859. These families formed the first Indian communities in the city.

Cashmere is a beautiful hilltop suburb which still boasts many reminders of its early beginnings, such as Shalimar Drive where the Old Stone House now stands. Having been refurbished following the Christchurch earthquake, the restored building will return to its pre-quake purpose as a community centre and a memorial to those who farmed, lived and built in Cashmere.

From left - Dorothy McMenamin with friends

Caption: Dorothy McMenamin left with friends.