Research and Innovation Driving Success

Image Co-director of Riddet Institute Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan and Chairman Alpha Group Professor Yi Huai Gao were o

On 7 April, the Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre was officially opened in Auckland.  The Centre is a joint project between Alpha Group Holdings Limited (Alpha Group) and Massey University and will focus on research on extracting health benefits from common New Zealand plants. The Co-director of Riddet Institute, Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan and the Chairman of Alpha Group, Professor Yi Huai Gao, have been appointed inaugural co-directors of the centre.

The research centre will enhance New Zealand’s research and development into natural health products, providing both scientific and economic benefit.  Professor Paul Moughan says the Alpha-Massey Research Centre “will leverage top New Zealand scientific expertise from across our partners to discover healthful attributes of plants common to New Zealand, such as feijoa, tamarillo, cucurbits and certain stone fruit”.

The CEO of Alpha Group, Wei Gao, is a successful Chinese-New Zealand entrepreneur and will be speaking at the upcoming EPIC NZ Conference in May.  Alpha Group had humble beginnings as a small retail store on Dominion Road in Auckland.  Through hard work and an innovative approach to producing traditional Chinese medicines, Alpha Group is now a large multinational company exporting their products across the world.

The launch of the new research centre is the next chapter for Alpha Group’s rapid growth.  To hear the inspirational story from the Chief Executive Officer himself come to EPIC NZ 2016; registrations are still open