Social enterprise

What is social enterprise?Image of hands

A social enterprise is an organisation that uses business activities to support social, cultural or environmental objectives.

A social enterprise operates like a business, but instead of distributing profits to shareholders or individuals, they are used for a social purpose, to support the organisation’s mission to benefit wider society or specific groups of people.

Benefits of social enterprise

Social enterprise can provide a range of benefits for organisations addressing social, cultural or environmental challenges.

Undertaking business rather than depending on grants activities can help organisations become more financially independent, or attain the resources needed to grow their services. Organisations that fund themselves through business activities may also be able to undertake programmes that would not qualify for funding from central or local government.  Read more about the advantages of social enterprise and the Challenges of Social Enterprise.

The Office of Ethnic Affairs and Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are an important means for supporting the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of ethnic communities and the rest of New Zealand.

The Office of Ethnic Affairs supports communities, organisations and individuals to improve their social enterprise skills by helping them find useful information and connecting them with like-minded people.

Useful resources

You can find a range of reports, presentations, YouTube videos, articles and website links that provide information about social enterprise.