US Family Violence Discussion - hosted by Office of Ethnic Affairs

Some of those present paused during the thought provoking discussion to smile for the camera

Sudha Shetty, a Berkley University lecturer and lawyer specialising in family violence issues faced by immigrant and ethnic minority women in the USA, led a robust group discussion in a lunchtime event hosted jointly by the Office of Ethnic Affairs and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs on Thursday 5 June. Sudha spoke to a group made up of government officials, representatives of non-governmental organisations and private individuals all with concerns about violence against women and children. Sudha Shetty was in New Zealand as an international guest speaker for the Children, Child Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence Conference hosted by the Families Commission and the Family Violence Clearinghouse.

Whatever aspect of family violence you tackle must have a multi-pronged approach, drawing on as many stakeholders and their resources as you can, to have any hope of success says Sudha. She links women's leadership and political representation, and economic security advocacy to her family violence advocacy work in the US.