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Survey of social enterprise in New Zealand

In 2012, the Department of Internal Affairs surveyed a range of organisations and individuals working in social enterprise in New Zealand.  The purpose of the survey was to get a clearer sense of the types of social enterprises operating in New Zealand (PDF 539kb) and the challenges they face.

A report about the legal structures available for social enterprise in New Zealand

The Department of Internal Affairs has released a report that examines how well New Zealand’s legal structures serve social enterprises, what approaches have been tried overseas and whether New Zealand would benefit from a new legal form. (PDF - 215k).

Videos & Presentations

Social enterprise experts at EthnicA: Peter Holbrook

Peter Holbrook is the Chief Executive Officer of Social Enterprise UK.  In this interview on YouTube he gives examples of successful social enterprises operating in Britain and suggests what the next step could be for New Zealand.


In this YouTube video Peter Holbrook talks about the role for private businesses in the social enterprise sector and what role can ethnic communities play.


This YouTube video of excerpts from speeches by Peter Holbrook and two New Zealand social entrepreneurs; Peter Vink and Jenny Wang.


Sam Rye on the advantages of social enterprise

Sam Rye is Co-founder of the Collaboration Cafe in Wellington. He says “social enterprise offers autonomy through independence, emancipation through entrepreneurship”. Hear his description of social enterprise and its benefits on YouTube.

Tools & Useful Links

Does Social Enterprise Provide an Answer?

Roger Tweedy works for the Wellington City Council to support community economic development. Prior to joining council Roger spent 15 years as a freelance social entrepreneur including founding roles in Volunteer Wellington, and the NETWORK Centre.

Roger Tweedy has written an article discussing the benefits and challenges of social enterprise (MS Word Doc– 43KB). This article includes and useful tool for understanding the decision to establish a social enterprise.

Useful links for social enterprise in New Zealand – This is the New Zealand government business website. The information and tools on this site are designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, and the people who advise and support them.

The Hikurangi Foundation – This organisation is a Charitable Trust that works with new social enterprises to help them address pressing sustainability challenges.

The New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship – The New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship is a ‘peer learning community’ for those working in the social enterprise sector.

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