• Welcoming Communities standard for New Zealand

    Image of different people in front of a marae

    Around the world Kiwis are renowned for being friendly, hospitable and inclusive – qualities highlighted in a new two-year pilot programme titled Welcoming Communities. The Welcoming Communities Standard was launched on 12 December 2017.

  • Long term strategy for Archives New Zealand

    Image of the discussion document

    Archives New Zealand is the institution responsible for caring for, and facilitating access to, the records of government – and this is important for all communities. There is a strong connection between good recordkeeping and open and transparent government. Full, accurate, trustworthy and accessible records are needed for government to be held accountable.

    We are consulting on a discussion document to ask stakeholders for their views on the role of Archives New Zealand in the future. Your feedback is very important to us.  Please visit

  • Making a Submission to government

    In New Zealand, submissions are sometimes sought from the general public when changes are being made to policies or to legislation.

    Submissions are requested to test public reaction and/or so that your views can be included in a new policy.

  • Ethnicity Matters - a guide to working with ethnic communities

    Anjena and Chamain Singh from Waikato

    This is a guide intended to help public sector organisations work with and respond to the needs of ethnic communities.

    It provides simple, easy and practical advice for policy staff about how to incorporate ethnic perspectives into the work of government. 

     Ethnicity Matters (PDF 524kb)