• Leadership and Diversity Thinking

    Photograph of people sitting at a table - "Diversity of thought is seen as an essential tool for innovation."

    Progressing diversity thinking - from Human Resources to Leadership

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs is pleased to be part of a new working group drawing together New Zealand’s corporate leaders. Diverse NZ Inc. is a collaboration of some of this country’s biggest and brightest business minds, and the platform has been formed to galvanise businesses to harness the economic benefit, business gain and GDP uplift that results from diverse leadership and diversity of thought.

  • The role of the Office of Ethnic Affairs in the workplace

    A group of ethnically diverse work colleagues

    By 2021 a quarter of the New Zealand workforce is expected to have been born overseas.

    This ethnic diversity offers huge opportunities to our economy, offering a rich resource of experience, skills and overseas connections which can add to New Zealand’s wealth

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs is working to unlock this potential to help build economic growth. We provide practical advice and support to ethnic people in the business sector and work with other government agencies to provide equal access to government services.

  • Ethnicity data

    People from more than 200 different ethnicities live in New Zealand.

    Download this statistical snapshot (pdf) of New Zealand’s diversity.

    Whereabouts do people from ethnic communities live? What languages are spoken? What is the unemployment rate among ethnic communities? What health problems are an issue?

    Find out in our collection of data about ethnic people living in New Zealand.

    While Statistics New Zealand and other agencies collect a vast array of facts and figures, this is the first time that those applicable to ethnic people have been brought together in one place.

  • Diversity is a real strength for New Zealand

    World map made up of people standing on a white space.

    The media has recently reported on comments by an Imam in Auckland.  These comments have drawn expressions of concern from the Human Rights Commissioner and the Minister for Ethnic Communities.  You can see their statements here:

  • Big ideas, Diverse Futures: Office of Ethnic Communities facilitates a diversity panel at AUT

    Image of attendees at the diversity panel

    The Office of Ethnic Communities recently facilitated a panel on "diversity in the workplace" as part of AUT's employability week.

  • Fulbright Forum: embracing & advancing diversity

    Fulbright New Zealand Logo

    The people of New Zealand encompass many ethnicities, cultures, sexualities and religions but is that vast diversity reflected at leadership levels? This Fulbright Forum explores the benefits to New Zealand of genuinely embracing and advancing diversity for all people to feel supported and celebrated in their chosen fields.

  • Intercultural Capability

    Image of people playing drums by handNew Zealand is a diverse country with over 200 different ethnicities. The Office of Ethnic Communities is committed to promoting the benefits of ethnic diversity and offers an Intercultural Capability eLearning programme to support this. This introductory programme is aimed at increasing anyone’s understanding to better interact or communicate with people from different backgrounds.

  • Ethnic Affairs at the NZ Diversity Forum

    Photograph of Left: Pritika Sharma, Right: Fatumata Bah.

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs supported the Human Rights Commission at the New Zealand Diversity Forum in Christchurch on 24 and 25 August. The forum was an opportunity to learn, share and meet people working to support cultural diversity and positive race relations in Aotearoa New Zealand. The forum brings together communities of interest, central and local government, the voluntary sector, business, civil society and young people from around the country. This year’s theme was “Migrant and Refugee Employment: Valuing Diversity.”

  • Building Bridges - connecting Muslims in NZ to non-Muslims

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs has worked with the New Zealand Muslim community on the Building Bridges Programme since 2005. The programme aims to create better connections, meaningful collaboration and open communication to support the maintenance of New Zealand’s social harmony. We also recognise that New Zealand Muslims not only contribute significantly to New Zealand’s economy but provide New Zealand with a pathway to trade with the Muslim world.

  • 2013 New Zealand Diversity Forum


    Register now for the 2013 New Zealand Diversity Forum

    The forum, themed “My Dream for Aotearoa New Zealand," is a unique national convention at which people involved in race relations, human rights and cultural diversity come together to share ideas and good practice.  The emphasis is on practical action. with a diverse range of organisations hosting their own forums and events that together make up the programme. These range from professional meetings to forums on topical issues and projects.