• A Journey of Interethnic Mothering in Aotearoa

    Image of Lucia Davis with her family

    Interethnic Mothering is a topic dear to my heart academically and personally. My recently submitted Doctorial (PhD) thesis on this topic records experiences of migrant mothers in New Zealand and reveals interesting insights into their joys and challenges of parenting in an interethnic relationship.

  • Intercultural Capability

    Image of people playing drums by handNew Zealand is a diverse country with over 200 different ethnicities. The Office of Ethnic Communities is committed to promoting the benefits of ethnic diversity and offers an Intercultural Capability eLearning programme to support this. This introductory programme is aimed at increasing anyone’s understanding to better interact or communicate with people from different backgrounds.

  • Is New Zealand a racist country? Mervin's Update

    The Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Mervin Singham offers his views about  whether New Zealand is a racist country, the recent debate on the issue and the way forward.

  • Ending the year on a training note

    The final Intercultural Awareness and Communication training for the 2012 year was held on 11 and 12 December, with eight diverse participants learning how to deliver the training to others.

    The training is a core part of the work of the Office of Ethnic Affairs. It aims to improve the skills of individuals so they can work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and establish effective communication, interaction and workplace relationships.

    These trainees can then become trainers themselves, championing ethnic diversity in their own workplace.

  • Ethnic diversity in the workplace

    An ethnically diverse workplace can bring many advantages and has been shown to benefit companies financially. The advantages include:

    • enabling better connections to an increasingly diverse customer base
    • promoting broader perspectives, greater innovation and effective problem solving
    • providing a competitive edge in the global economy by utilising overseas contacts for trade and investment
    • ensuring the widest pool of candidates is considered when recruiting.

  • Ethnicity Matters - a guide to working with ethnic communities

    Anjena and Chamain Singh from Waikato

    This is a guide intended to help public sector organisations work with and respond to the needs of ethnic communities.

    It provides simple, easy and practical advice for policy staff about how to incorporate ethnic perspectives into the work of government. 

     Ethnicity Matters (PDF 524kb)

  • About us

    Group of diverse children around a globe

    Who we are

    The Office of Ethnic Communities is the Government’s advisor on ethnic diversity in New Zealand.