• Our Operating Model Overview

    The Office of Ethnic Communities Operating Model is a framework to help bring clarity, simplicity and focus to our work.

    The model provides a structure to identify and communicate what we do and why. It provides a framework of how we focus and prioritise our work, and identifies our approach to delivering value.

    This approach involves working:

  • Our Operating Context

    Changing demography and superdiversity

    New Zealand now has over 200 distinct ethnic communities. 'New Zealand has more ethnicities than the world has countries'. Based on current trends and projections, we will continue to become more ethnically diverse as our population grows. The overall ethnic make-up of our population is also set to shift significantly over coming years.

  • Who we are and who we serve

    Who we are

    The Office of Ethnic Communities is government’s authoritative advisor on ethnic diversity in New Zealand. We also provide information, advice and services to, and for, ethnic communities in New Zealand and administer funds to support community development and social cohesion.

    Established in 2000 as the Office of Ethnic Affairs, in 2015 we became the Office of Ethnic Communities to align with the Ministerial portfolio and more accurately reflect our community focus.

  • Introduction from Maarten Quivooy, General Manager

    “Flourishing Ethnic Diversity; thriving New Zealand” is the guiding vision for the work of the Office of Ethnic Communities. A plan to achieve this vision is established through our operating model which is described in more detail in this document. Achieving flourishing ethnic diversity for a thriving New Zealand means working strategically and in partnership with communities.

  • Flourishing ethnic diversity; thriving New Zealand

    Strategic Direction and Intent for the Office of Ethnic Communities 2016 - 2020Children of diversity with a globe


  • Language Celebration Guidelines - 머리말

    뉴질랜드는 160여 가지 언어가 사용되는 다양한 민족으로 구성된 나라입니다. 소수민족부 장관으로서 저의 주요 책무 중 하나는 뉴질랜드의 서로 다른 언어와 문화, 정체성을 지원하는 일입니다.

  • Leading the way - A year in review - 2013 / 2014

    Image of Leading the way - A year in review - 2013/2014

    Growing great leaders has been central to the Office of Ethnic Affairs in 2013 - 2014.

    Not only has leadership played a key role in our flagship national EthnicA conferences, we have also undertaken a major programme of work to grown and support leaders in three key sectors - youth, women and ethnic communities.

  • Calling for abstracts - Centre for Asian Health Research National Symposium

    Water lillies Image

    The Centre for Asian and Ethnic Minority Health Research (CAHRE) National Symposium “Working together to Improve Asian and Ethnic Minority Health and Wellbeing” will be held on 4 July, 2014 at the Tamaki Campus, School of Population Health, University of Auckland.

  • It’s our Constitution!

    Image of the Review document for the Constitution

    Conversations about New Zealand’s constitution are now available in a report written by the Constitutional Advisory Panel.

  • We've come a long way

    Image of Berlinda Chin

    Berlinda Chin, Acting Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs talks to Canterbury's Plains FM producer Gary Mcllroy about Ethnic Affairs' various initiatives to connect ethnic communities with government, and with businesses.