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  • Melissa Lee, List MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary for Ethnic Affairs

    Photograph of Melissa Lee, List MP

    List MP Melissa Lee is the Parliamentary Private Secretary for Ethnic Affairs, and is Deputy Chair of the Social Services Select Committee. Born in Korea, she grew up in Malaysia before moving to Australia and finally settling in New Zealand with her family in 1988. She has an MA Honours (First Class) in Communication Studies and has worked extensively in the print and broadcast sector.

  • EthnicA Conference 2013 - Wellington Programme

    Programme for EthnicA Wellington 2013
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    Venue: Wellington Town Hall
    109 Wakefield Street

  • EthnicA Auckland Conference 2013

  • EthnicA Auckland Conference 2013

    Photograph of Mai Chen

    Over 250 participants at the EthnicA Conference in Auckland on 20 April had an opportunity to share the experiences of leaders in ethnic communities and participate in lively discussion on ethnic diversity issues. Click the following link to see highlights of the day.

    In his welcome speech, Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Mervin Singham reinforced the need for leaders in ethnic communities to play a more active role in shaping the New Zealand of tomorrow. He encouraged leaders within ethnic communities to shift their gaze to big picture societal issues and to motivate others to actively participate in public affairs.

  • Tightropes and Triumphs – leading in the Muslim community

    Leadership within a community group is always complex and challenging. For leaders like Dr Anwar Ghani, satisfying both the needs of his own Muslim community and the wider New Zealand community has involved a careful balancing act. Ethnic Affairs Director Mervin Singham  talks with Dr Ghani about his growth as leader and how he has dealt with the challenges.  

  • Sisters are doing it for themselves: Women and leadership

    National Operations Manager, Lucy Liang leads a conversation with Sina Wendt-More with a focus on women who aspire to leadership roles and power dynamics between genders and ethnicities. The conversation will look at Sina's personal life journey and how she has managed to apply these important life lessons to the leadership programme.

  • The Elephant in the Room: Leading ethnic diversity in the workplace.

    The interactive session will present the latest evidence-based information around leadership competencies and ethnic diversity management.

  • Your future is safe with us – Office of Ethnic Affairs young leaders speak

    In 2012 Office of Ethnic Affairs started its Youth Leaders Auckland Pilot Programme. Ten diverse young people were selected and put through a 9-month leadership training programme. At EthnicA Auckland these young people will take the stage and facilitate an interactive dialogue about Leadership, its challenges for youth, and ways of overcoming these.  They are also passionate about Auckland and its future  and share their views on what they think the city should look like in 20 years and how they would bring this about.

  • The world at your fingertips – what social media can do for you

    The session aims to demystify social networking and show you how social media can work for you..  It is  designed to provide valuable insights on using social media for community outreach. And help communities engage and connect with each other as well as government agencies.

  • Cultural Fusion: Shaping our Multicultural Identities

    How are our multicultural identities being expressed through fusion in art and culture in New Zealand? The workshop is aimed at generating interactive discussions and learning on how cultural fusion is shaping our multicultural identities.