• Ethnic People in Commerce, New Zealand (EPIC NZ)

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    The Ethnic People in Commerce, New Zealand project (EPIC NZ) started in 2010, focusing on creating international business connections through our existing local diversity.

  • Leadership and Diversity Thinking

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    Progressing diversity thinking - from Human Resources to Leadership

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs is pleased to be part of a new working group drawing together New Zealand’s corporate leaders. Diverse NZ Inc. is a collaboration of some of this country’s biggest and brightest business minds, and the platform has been formed to galvanise businesses to harness the economic benefit, business gain and GDP uplift that results from diverse leadership and diversity of thought.

  • The role of the Office of Ethnic Affairs in the workplace

    A group of ethnically diverse work colleagues

    By 2021 a quarter of the New Zealand workforce is expected to have been born overseas.

    This ethnic diversity offers huge opportunities to our economy, offering a rich resource of experience, skills and overseas connections which can add to New Zealand’s wealth

    The Office of Ethnic Affairs is working to unlock this potential to help build economic growth. We provide practical advice and support to ethnic people in the business sector and work with other government agencies to provide equal access to government services.

  • The rights and obligations of employers and employees

    New to working in New Zealand?

    Did you know that all workers have the same employment rights in New Zealand, no matter what their visa status? Employers have an obligation to ensure all their employees are receiving their minimum employment rights. Don’t get taken advantage of, know your rights.

  • Ethnic diversity in the workplace

    An ethnically diverse workplace can bring many advantages and has been shown to benefit companies financially. The advantages include:

    • enabling better connections to an increasingly diverse customer base
    • promoting broader perspectives, greater innovation and effective problem solving
    • providing a competitive edge in the global economy by utilising overseas contacts for trade and investment
    • ensuring the widest pool of candidates is considered when recruiting.

  • Connecting and building businesses

    Watch a video about our Connecting the Regions visit to Dunedin.