The role of the Office of Ethnic Affairs in the workplace

A group of ethnically diverse work colleagues

By 2021 a quarter of the New Zealand workforce is expected to have been born overseas.

This ethnic diversity offers huge opportunities to our economy, offering a rich resource of experience, skills and overseas connections which can add to New Zealand’s wealth

The Office of Ethnic Affairs is working to unlock this potential to help build economic growth. We provide practical advice and support to ethnic people in the business sector and work with other government agencies to provide equal access to government services.

This includes providing strategic advice, training and information workshops, as well as organising a national business conference.

Our team of Intercultural Advisors works with both the public and private sectors to provide evidence-based consultation, advice and training.

Our programmes are free and utilise the latest international research and international best practice. We know that all organisations are different, so contact one of our team to see how we can be of service.

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Ethnic diversity in the workplace

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